"Such a feeling FANSY,
such a place."

FANSY area (furubira [F] · akaigawa [A] · Niki-cho [N]
· shakotan [S]
· Yoichi-cho [Y]) visited to,
was impressed scenery, delicious food, such as a cute animal,
you the "FANSY"
which is found and share them with Instagram!
or while traveling work, even in passing ...
of course, we also welcome posts from local residents !!


Shiribeshi district is located in the southwestern Hokkaido. Together with 5 towns and villages of the initials "furubira" "akaigawa" "Niki-cho," "shakotan", "Yoichi-cho," which is located on the north side among the Shiribeshi will be "FANSY".
About 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Sapporo. When you exit the Otaru, strangely shaped rocks, rocks lined the Sea of Japan, scenic route is followed. Seafood, including sea urchin of the summer, fruit picking in the mountain side. Tour of wine tourism and the Cape, you can enjoy activities, including Sky Sports in various places.

And, finally Hokkaido crossing the motorway, Yoichi IC is scheduled to open in the 2018 fiscal year. Becomes more convenient access, before that, why not enjoy the drive in FANSY area?

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FANSY area (furubira-
akaigawa Niki-cho, Shakotan Town,
visited the Yoichi Town),
will take a photo!

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FANSY specialties of each towns and villages

Furubira town Present

Furubira town

Yoshinoya cod roe 500g

Akaigawa town Present

Akaigawa town

Yamanaka ranch premium butter two

Niki town Present

Niki town

Juice Jam set

Shakotan town Present

Shakotan town

Shakotan evening drink set (sake Nisui 300ml 2 this - hockey Mirin Dried)

Yoichi town Present

Yoichi town

South pending Taro shop
smoked set

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#What is FANSY?
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Hokkaido north Shiribeshi tube (furubira-akaigawa Niki Town, shakotan, Yoichi-cho) take pictures in, please post with the hash tag "#What is FANSY?" In Instagram.
Get the special product set of "FANSY" to 30 people in the lottery!


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